Dr. Leon Zacharowicz

 A pediatric and adult neurology expert, Dr. Zacharowicz has over 24 years of experience in the field and has never veered from his holistic approach to medicine. With a passion of helping patients suffering from behavioral and cognitive disorders, as well as headaches and seizures, Dr. Leon chooses the full body approach as a path to wellness. There are many factors which may influence neurological disorders, some bordering on food choices and stress. With a diagnostic start that involves nutraceuticals and natural remedies, further testing and medical regimens are closely monitored for best results. ‘Neurology doesn’t usually follow a medical book. Each patient has a unique set of circumstance, symptom and stress level.’ Allergens and patient history may also contribute to symptoms and pain. Dr. Zacharowicz listens to his patients before rushing to diagnose an issue and has successfully reversed issues such as severe headaches and complex disorders. 

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