Asthma Specialists Q & A

Asthma Specialists Q & A

Connect with us at Ahava Medical & Rehab if you need to speak with one of our asthma specialists near you. We can see patients of any age, including your children. Serving patients from Inwood NY, Woodmere NY, Valley Stream NY, East Rockaway, NY and Long Beach, NY.

Asthma Specialists Near Me in Inwood, NY
Asthma Specialists Near Me in Inwood, NY

Table of Contents:

Can asthma be cured completely?
How can an asthma specialist help me? What is the best treatment for asthma?
What questions should I ask an asthma specialist?
Do you have asthma specialists near me in NY?

Anyone living with asthma needs professional help and should have the long-term support of a specialist. With this support, a patient can manage symptoms more easily and live an easier life in general, and the first step is just a simple consultation. Ahava Medical & Rehab has the kind of specialist you’ll need to see if you or your child is living with asthma. We’d like to give you a good idea of what to expect when you come see a specialist, so here’s a bit of a Q&A on asthma and asthma specialists!

Can asthma be cured completely?

Asthma is a chronic condition which means it typically doesn’t go away and cannot be cured, but since asthma has been around for so many years and affects many people, medical professionals have developed methods for managing and relieving symptoms. Flare-ups can be managed as well as the long-term effects of asthma so the patient can live an active, healthy life. The support of an asthma specialist is important for a patient, and often urgent care is important too.

One of the benefits of seeing a specialist here at Ahava Medical & Rehab is that our specialists are able to provide urgent care, so you can see a specialist for a walk-in appointment.

How can an asthma specialist help me? What is the best treatment for asthma?

An asthma specialist is able to diagnose asthma and help a patient manage the condition. Since asthma can have different causes and an asthma attack can have different triggers, it’s also important to identify the cause and avoid triggers. For example, a patient may have allergic asthma, and allergy testing will reveal allergens the patient should avoid, like dust mites, pet dander, etc.
An asthma specialist can do a lot more than identifying triggers, and often, avoiding triggers isn’t enough to address asthma. This is why other methods and treatments should be considered, like:

– The patient using an air conditioner or dehumidifier at home
– Vaccinations for influenza and pneumonia (these vaccinations can help prevent the conditions from triggering flare-ups)
– Allergy medication (for allergic asthma)
– A controller medication that can help prevent asthma attacks
– A rescue inhaler to help manage asthma attacks
– A nebulizer instead of an inhaler (this may be better for some younger children or any patients who have difficulty with inhalers)
– Allergy immunotherapy for some cases of allergic asthma

Often, a combination of methods and treatments is best for a patient. The patient may require a long-term plan for managing symptoms, and an asthma specialist can help create one.

What questions should I ask an asthma specialist?

When you go see an asthma specialist like one of ours at Ahava Medical & Rehab, you can go in prepared with some questions. Consider asking questions like:

– What’s causing and triggering my case of asthma?
– What can I do to lower my risk of an asthma attack?
– What kind of treatment will I need?
– How can you help me monitor my asthma?
– What kind of action plan should I have?

Do you have asthma specialists near me in NY?

Ahava Medical & Rehab very likely has a clinic and an asthma specialist near you. We have multiple clinics throughout the NY area, so please see our Locations page for the location nearest you and it’s address and contact information.

Give us a call today at the clinic near you or connect with us online. We’ll answer any questions you have then get you in for a consultation with one of our asthma specialists. If it’s your child who needs to see someone, that’s no problem, as we can see patients of any age.

We hope you’ve found all this information useful, and we look forward to seeing you soon here at Ahava Medical & Rehab!

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