Asthma Treatment for Kids in Liberty, NY

Asthma Treatment for Kids in Liberty, NY

Contact us at Ahava Medical & Rehab if your child has asthma. We’re your local provider of asthma treatment for kids in Liberty, NY. Serving patients from Liberty NY, Port Jervis NY. Middletown NY. Kingston NY, Carbondale PA and Poughkeepsie, NY.

Asthma Treatment for Kids Near Me in Liberty, NY
Asthma Treatment for Kids Near Me in Liberty, NY

It’s difficult for a child to live with asthma, especially if a child doesn’t have an adequate treatment plan. There are ways to treat and manage the condition and its symptoms, as well as avoid triggers, all as components of a comprehensive treatment plan with us at Ahava Medical & Rehab. Also, urgent care can be invaluable to a child with asthma, and we provide this too. We want to help your child live a more active, healthy life. Connect with our urgent care clinic today if you do too and are seeking asthma treatment for kids in Liberty, NY.

Can child asthma go away?

When asthma symptoms start in childhood, they might go away later in life, but sometimes this is only temporary, and other times asthma doesn’t ever go away and cannot be cured. It’s commonly called a chronic condition for this reason. However, since asthma has been around for so long, medical professionals have had a long time to develop methods for managing and relieving symptoms. Flare-ups can be managed as well as the long-term effects of asthma.

What can I give my child for asthma?

Asthma is a chronic, potentially serious, and even life-threatening condition that must be managed with professional care. In many patient cases, the condition can be managed with limited professional support, but parents and a professional must decide together how to treat a child. Also, there are different causes for asthma, so one remedy may not work at all for a child and the condition may worsen unless the right remedy is found by a professional.

A professional might recommend lifestyle remedies in addition to professional ones. These lifestyle remedies may include things like:

  • Maintaining a low level of humidity at home
  • Cleaning indoor air
  • Dusting and cleaning regularly
  • Reducing pet dander
  • Using an air conditioner at home
  • Reducing exposure to cold air

Remember, though, that these remedies aren’t enough and that professional advice about how to proceed is necessary.

How is asthma professionally treated?

First of all, it’s important for a professional to identify the cause and triggers of a particular case of asthma. For a case of allergic asthma, allergy testing can identify allergens the patient should avoid, like dust mites, pet dander, and others. Avoiding triggers often isn’t enough for a patient, though, so other methods and treatments should be considered. The remedies we mentioned above as well as the following methods and treatments should be considered:

  • Vaccinations for pneumonia and influenza (the vaccinations can help prevent the conditions from causing flare-ups)
  • Allergy medication (for cases of allergic asthma)
  • A controller medication (this can help prevent asthma attacks)
  • A rescue inhaler (which can help in instances of asthma attacks)
  • A nebulizer instead of an inhaler (for some younger children or any patients who struggle with inhalers)
  • Allergy immunotherapy (for some cases of allergic asthma)

Quite often, the best way to help a child is with a combination of methods and treatments and a long-term plan with urgent care attention when necessary. We can help with all of this here at Ahava Medical & Rehab.

Where can I find asthma treatment for kids in Liberty, NY?

You can get the treatment your child will need right here at Ahava Medical & Rehab. We have a clinic in Liberty at 25 Carrier St, Liberty, NY 12754, and you can reach us at (845) 281-7200. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if your child needs asthma care. There’s a lot we can do, from diagnosis to long-term treatment planning. We provide urgent care, walk-in service too! The first step is for you to make a simple consultation with us. Call us today at (845) 281-7200 or book with us online.

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