Benefits of Physical Therapy Questions and Answers

Benefits of Physical Therapy Questions and Answers

Physical therapy is used to identify imbalances and weaknesses in the body, it also has many other benefits, so let our team at Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation Urgent Care Center help you achieve your goals. Call us today or schedule an appointment online. We also accept walk-ins for urgent care visits. We have 3 convenient locations to serve you in Liberty NY, Williamsburg Brooklyn NY, Flatbush Brooklyn NY, and nearby areas!

Physical Therapist Near Me
Physical Therapist Near Me

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

There are many benefits of physical therapy, whether you are seeking treatment to be reactive to a concern with your physical fitness, strength or mobility as the result of an injury, surgery, an accident or simply from age, or if you are being proactive in an effort to avoid a future injury. Physical therapy can help restore range of motion that has been lost due to injury, degeneration of the joints or some other cause through flexibility and strengthening exercises. Chronic pain can benefit from physical therapy, with patients often finding they can reduce or completely stop their pain medication treatments when they actively participate in physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy is used to identify imbalances and weaknesses in the body, typically in elite athletes, but it can also be used for everyday active people to reduce their risk of injury and improve their overall performance by balancing out the strength and flexibility in the body. There are many other benefits to physical therapy other than the commonly known treatments to help people recover from accidents, injuries, strokes and heart disease. Physical therapy can also help with bowel incontinence, postpartum care, pelvic pain and fibromyalgia as well as many other issues. If you think physical therapy might be an option for you, check with your primary care physician to find out what your treatment options are.

What does physical therapy do?

Physical therapy is a specialized form of healthcare treatment that works with individuals suffering from limitations in their functional mobility whether as the result of age, injury, surgery, disease or any other condition that has decreased or limited a person’s mobility. Physical therapists can work with a patient as requested by the patient directly or as part of a larger medical treatment plan such as part of a post-surgery recovery plan or ongoing sports medicine treatment, among other reasons. The physical therapist will evaluate the patient’s current mobility, strength, flexibility, pain, balance and range of motion for the specified area, or entire body in some cases, identify causes for any limitations such as injury and work with the patient on a treatment plan to overcome the limitations and regain strength and mobility in that area. Physical therapy can involve a series of techniques such as heat, ice, ultrasound, acupuncture, stretching exercises, strength building exercises and other techniques as needed to help increase strength, improve function and regain range of motion. Physical therapy can also be used as a preventative treatment with the goal of avoiding injury and preventing loss of functional movement. Many athletes, for example, use physical therapy as part of their regular training program to keep them in top shape. Physical therapists are able to evaluate how your body moves during physical activity to spot any potential areas of concern that are at risk for injury. Injuries can happen when a stronger part of the body is overcompensating for a weaker part, putting more strain on the stronger part. Our bodies naturally tend to be stronger on our dominant side, which can lead to injury as we can be unbalanced. Physical therapy can help identify where the muscles are unbalanced and build a program to help balance out the strength and flexibility to greatly reduce the risk for injury.

What conditions do physical therapists treat?

Physical therapists treat a wide range of conditions that involve patients of all ages and physical abilities. While people often think of physical therapy as a treatment required after an injury, accident, surgery, as a result of old age or to recover from an illness or disease that has reduced their mobility, it actually has many preventative benefits to avoid injuries. Physical therapists work with their patients on reducing pain and improving mobility to allow them to complete their daily tasks. They also work with athletes to improve performance, prevent injuries and recover quickly when injuries happen. Physical therapists are able to treat patients recovering from heart disease and stroke, as well as help with postpartum care, bowel incontinence, pelvic pain and fibromyalgia among other concerns.

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