Bronchiectasis Treatment Clinic in Inwood, NY

Bronchiectasis Treatment Clinic in Inwood, NY

Ahava Medical offers treatments for Bronchiectasis at our clinic in Inwood NY. If You’re suffering from  daily cough that occurs over months or years, shortness of breath and wheezing then consult with one of our specialists at Ahava Medical today! Call us for more information. We are located at 270 Doughty Blvd Inwood, NY 11096.

Bronchiectasis Treatment Clinic in Inwood, NY
Bronchiectasis Treatment Clinic in Inwood, NY

If you have repeated lung infections or a daily cough, and if you’re noticing that your cough produces a lot of spit, then you may have bronchiectasis. It’s important to diagnose and treat the condition early, so you should come see us right away here at Ahava Medical Inwood. An appointment isn’t required. Come by today if you believe you may have the condition and need bronchiectasis treatment in Inwood, NY.

What is bronchiectasis?

Bronchiectasis is a condition that occurs when there’s damage to a person’s airway that makes it widen and become flabby and scarred. Sometimes an infection is what causes the condition, like whooping cough or the measles, while other times the condition is caused by another condition like cystic fibrosis or PCD.

Bronchiectasis can lead to serious lung damage, lung infections, and even some severe, possibly fatal health problems like respiratory failure or heart failure. This is why it’s so important to treat the condition early. Although there is no cure for bronchiectasis, with proper and professional care, a patient can have good quality of life.

What are the signs and symptoms of bronchiectasis?

Typically, the initial airway damage that causes bronchiectasis in a patient occurred or began during childhood. It can take many months or even years for some of the signs and symptoms to show themselves, but it’s common for a patient to get repeated lung infections as an initial sign. Some of the other common signs and symptoms are:

  • A daily cough that has lasted over months or years
  • Daily production of an unusual amount of spit that may contain mucus, trapped particles, and/or pus
  • Clubbing, which is the thickening of the flesh under your fingernails and toenails
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Chest pain

It’s possible for more serious symptoms to occur over time. These can include coughing up blood and feeling very tired. With children, they may lose weight or not grow at a normal rate. To diagnose bronchiectasis, a physician may perform or refer you for a chest CT scan, a chest X-ray, or another test. Sometimes a bronchoscopy can help, like when a physician suspects a blockage or any bleeding in the airway.

How is bronchiectasis treated?

Although it’s not possible to cure the condition, it can be managed. Proper hydration, chest physical therapy (CPT), and certain medicines can help a great deal. The particular medicine prescribed by the physician could be an antibiotic, a bronchodilator, or another kind of medicine, depending on your particular case. Chest physical therapy can play a significant role in treatment too. Sometimes surgery may be necessary for a patient, but not often, and when bronchiectasis is widespread and causing respiratory failure, oxygen therapy can help the patient.

Generally, the goals with treatment are to address any underlying condition and lung infections the patient has, and prevent complications like mucus build up in the lungs. This will help the patient manage the condition and live a healthy, normal life. We can help you achieve this here at Ahava Medical Inwood!

Do you offer bronchiectasis treatment in Inwood, NY?

Yes, we do. Remember, the sooner you seek diagnosis and treatment, the better, as this can prevent further lung damage.

You can come see us right away today here at Ahava Medical Inwood, no appointment necessary. We’re located over at 270 Doughty Blvd Inwood, NY 11096. If you’d prefer to book a consultation with us at our clinic, give us a call today, or book your consultation with us online. We look forward to your visit with us at Ahava Medical Inwood!

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