Burn Treatment Near Brooklyn, NY

Burn Treatment Near Brooklyn, NY

If you have a burn and are wondering what to do about it, so long as it’s minor, we can help here at Ahava Medical & Rehab. Here’s what you need to know about burn treatment near Brooklyn, NY.

Burn Treatment Near Brooklyn, NY
Burn Treatment Near Brooklyn, NY

Some burns can be treated at home, but not all, as some burns can be severe and serious. Minor burns, though, are no problem for an urgent care clinic like Ahava Medical & Rehab, and with us, appointment booking isn’t necessary, so we can see you for a walk-in appointment. Come see us today if you or anyone in your family needs minor burn treatment near Brooklyn, NY.

How do you know a burn is serious?

Burns vary a lot in severity, and there are some burns that just can’t be treated at home or at an urgent care clinic like ours. Emergency care at the emergency room (ER) is the only option for such burns, as they can be serious and life-threatening. You must take first-aid measures, call 911, and go to the ER when a burn:

  • Is in the person’s airway
  • Causes breathing difficulty
  • Was caused by a chemical or by electricity
  • Covers a large part of the body, a major joint of the body, the face, the feet, the hands, the groin, or the buttocks of the body
  • Is affecting the deep parts of the skin/the deep tissues
  • Has a leathery or charred look to it, or looks like there are black, brown, or white patches
  • Gets worse over time

How long will it take for a burn to go away?

Common, minor burns take about three to six days to go away. Some burns take longer, even up to three weeks, and serious, life-threatening burns take longer even after they’re treated at the ER.

Minor burns can be treated at urgent care to help them heal quickly, and with urgent care, an appointment is never necessary. Many minor burns should be treated at urgent care to help prevent infection and other complications, and a burn definitely should be treated at urgent care if:

  • The person burned experiences any new and unexplained symptoms
  • The burn shows signs of infection, like redness, swelling, increased pain, or oozing
  • The burn or a blister is large or doesn’t heal within a couple weeks
  • Significant scarring is in the area

Is ice good for burns?

No, ice isn’t good for burns, as it can cause further tissue damage. Many other home remedies can and will help with minor burns, though, and with these burns, some home care is necessary before going to urgent care. You should:

  • Quickly but gently remove any tight items like rings from around the area before it swells
  • Hold the burn under cool, not cold, running water, or by applying a cool, wet compress
  • After the burn has cooled completely, apply a lotion (like one with aloe vera, or a moisturizer)
  • Bandage the burn with a loosely-wrapped sterile gauze bandage
  • Don’t break any blisters (if a blister breaks, clean the area and call us at our clinic before applying any kind of ointment)
  • Consider taking pain medication
  • Consider getting a tetanus shot

Minor burns can be treated easily at urgent care. Medication, a wound dressing, a drug that fights infection, a burn cream, an ointment, a tetanus shot, or possibly another simple treatment will help you. We provide all these treatments and more here at Ahava Medical & Rehab!

Do you provide burn treatment near Brooklyn, NY?

Yes, we do! Ahava Medical & Rehab offers minor burn treatment in Brooklyn, and we actually have two locations in the city. Please see our Locations page for the Brooklyn location nearest you, it’s hours of operation, and its address, then come see us at that location. There’s no need to make an appointment for burn care, and patients of any age are welcome, including your children.

We look forward to treating you soon here at Ahava Medical & Rehab!

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