Family Care Doctors in Liberty, NY

Family Care Doctors in Liberty, NY

Ahava Medical and Rehab Centre provide patients with comprehensive primary & family care including pediatrics, OBGYN, physical therapy, and urgent care services for the entire family. Walk in or call us or to schedule an appointment. We are open 7 days a week.

Family Care Doctors Near Liberty NY
Family Care Doctors Near Liberty NY

What do family doctors do?

Family doctors are physicians who care for people of all ages, from infants to seniors, and are trained to treat many health conditions. Family physicians take care of your preventative health care, which includes disease prevention, mental and emotional needs, stress management, weight and nutritional counseling, and fertility and family planning care. Family physicians can also identify and diagnose any emerging conditions and screen you for any serious conditions, such as cancer. Family doctors also help you manage any chronic illness you have, like asthma, stroke, heart disease, among others. And ultimately, your family physician can refer you to specialists, coordinate with physical therapists, pharmacies, social workers, and mental health physicians. In short, your family doctor is your one-stop-shop for health care!

Ahava Medical is a full-service medical clinic with a staff over 120 health care professionals dedicated to providing you with the best, comprehensive care in Liberty and other New York City areas. We offer family care, urgent care, internal medicine, pediatric care, gynecological care, pain management, physical therapy, aquatic therapy, psychiatric therapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy.

How do I see a doctor fast?

We have 3 convenient locations in the New York City area to serve you when you need to see a doctor quickly. We offer walk-in services for illnesses or injuries that require attention within 24 hours but aren’t emergencies at our urgent care center.
At our urgent care center, you can receive help and treatment for illnesses, such as cold and flu, ear, nose, or throat infections, urinary tract infections, fevers, severe sore throat and cough, fractures, sprains, and strains, lacerations, breathing difficulties and minor asthma issues, bronchitis and pneumonia, and other non-life or limb-threatening accidents. We even have a pediatric urgent care center to provide quick, compassionate care to your injured or sick child.

In the case of a true emergency, call 9-1-1 or visit your nearest hospital emergency room. True emergencies include chest pains and difficulty breathing, deep knife or gunshot wounds, poisoning, serious back, neck, or head injury, uncontrollable bleeding, severe burns, seizures, convulsions, loss of consciousness, compound fracture, strokes or stroke symptoms including blurred vision, difficulty speaking, or weakness, among other severe symptoms.

How do I schedule an appointment with a family doctor/primary care physician?

It is easy to schedule an appointment with a family doctor at any of our 3 locations. If you are in the Liberty, New York areas, you can call (845) 281-7200 or visit our website to request an appointment at any specific location.

At Ahava Medical, we offer comprehensive care to children and adults of all ages. Each of our 3 locations is staffed with experienced physicians and medical teams that truly care about the health and wellness of you and your loved ones. We have therapy rooms, gyms, and therapeutic pools on-site at each of our locations so we can provide you with high-quality care under one roof.

Our expertly trained pediatric therapists work directly with your child, one-on-one, to provide a variety of services, such as muscle strengthening therapy, neurodevelopment treatment, sensory integration, gross and fine motor skill development, and visual perceptual skill development.

Our adult division uses state of the art diagnostic tools to provide you with the best care from diagnosis to treatment. Our physicians and staff of medical professionals are specially trained to treat those with neck and back injuries, neurological disorders, stroke recovery, arthritis, articulation and oral motor dysfunction, aphasia, and other chronic illnesses.

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