Gynecologist Near Liberty, NY

Gynecologist Near Liberty, NY

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Gynecologist Near Liberty, NY
Gynecologist Near Liberty, NY

Table of Contents:

How do I find a new gynecologist?
What happens at a gynecologist appointment?
Do you have to get a referral to see a gynecologist?

How do I find a new gynecologist?

It can be difficult to find a new doctor, but it can be especially difficult when looking for a new gynecologist. Most importantly, you will want to find a gynecologist you feel comfortable with, you can trust, who is experienced, and has the credentials to back up their skills.

You can begin your search by talking with your primary care physician and asking for referrals. Your primary care doctor may offer gynecological services (although, some don’t), such as pap smears, pelvic exams, and breast exams, but you may want someone who is more specialized, such as a gynecologist or an OB-GYN, depending on your needs. If you are hoping to get pregnant in the near future, you may want an OB-GYN who will guide you through the process of conceiving through to childbirth and postnatal care.

You don’t have to limit yourself to recommendations from your doctor either; you can ask friends and family about who they see and recommend and make a list of doctors they see for their women’s health issues.

Once you have a list of gynecologists and/or OB-GYNs, you can begin your research. Look them up online to find out their credentials, specialties, years of practice, education, and even reviews and ratings. Once you have narrowed your list down, you can book a consultation or meet-and-greet with your prospective gynecologist where you can get a feeling for them, ask them questions, and voice your concerns. You ultimately want to get a feel for how you and the doctor will get along and if you have the same values. Because you will be sharing the most intimate details of your life and body with this doctor, it is so important that you feel comfortable with them.

It is also important to find out if the clinic accepts your insurance, hospitals at which they have admitting privileges, office hours, and who covers when they’re not there.

What happens at a gynecologist appointment?

Many women dread their annual visit to their gynecologist, but the exams your gynecologist performs are important to your overall health. To help ease the nerves, whether this is your first visit or your 50th, here is the general overview of what happens during a gynecologist appointment:

1. A nurse will perform a general physical exam, which involves taking your height, weight, and blood pressure. The nurse will then take you an exam room and ask you to undress from the waist down (you can keep your socks on!) and sit under a sheet on the exam bed. A nurse or other health care professional may stay in the room for the rest of the exams

2. The doctor will start with an external genital exam, which focuses on the vulva and looks for any abnormalities or warning signs

3. The doctor may then perform a pelvic exam and then then the pap smear, which is usually done at the same time

4. The pelvic exam includes:
a. Inspecting the vulva
b. Using a speculum to examine the vagina and the cervix
c. Checking the internal organs
– To do this, the doctor will insert gloved fingers from one hand into your cervix and press on the outside of your abdomen with the other hand

d. The pap smear includes:
– Collecting cells from the cervix using a small brush

e. You or your doctor may request STI testing, can be done using the sample taken from the pap smear or may require urine or blood tests

The pelvic exam and pap smear may be uncomfortable, and you may feel slight pressure, but neither should be painful.

You can ask your gynecologist questions and discuss matters such as birth control, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, any questions or concerns with your menstrual cycle, mental health, stress, sex and sexuality, weight, etc. No topic is off-limits.

Do you have to get a referral to see a gynecologist?

You don’t need a referral to see a gynecologist, but you might receive one from your primary care physician if you have a health issue that requires a doctor who specializes in women’s health.

If you are looking for a gynecologist in Liberty or the New York City area, you can receive top-quality women’s health care services from Ahava Medical. Ahava Medical is a full-service medical facility with over 120 medical professionals on staff and three convenient locations in the New York City area. We provide the best gynecological care with no referral necessary. Simply call our office or visit our website to book an appointment, today!

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