Occupational Therapy Clinic Questions and Answers

Occupational Therapy Clinic Questions and Answers

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Occupational Therapy Clinic Near Me
Occupational Therapy Clinic Near Me

What exactly does an occupational therapist do?

Occupational therapists help people of all ages get back to their daily lives by overcoming ailments or physical obstacles. This can include helping create a safe environment for the individual to live in by performing an in-home assessment and identifying challenges that need to be addressed to allow them to move through their home with greater ease. They can also assist with everyday tasks such as cooking, eating, getting dressed, eating, driving and many other tasks that we can take for granted. Occupational therapists will work with patients who have permanent disabilities on the use of adaptive equipment that will enable the patient to function independently through the use of braces, wheelchairs or other aids to overcome the restriction of their disability. They will also work with a patient’s family and employer on ways to care and accommodate for the individual’s needs at home and at work. Individuals who suffer from chronic conditions can often find relief through exercise and occupational therapists can demonstrate how to do these exercises and monitor their patients to ensure the exercises are being performed correctly.

What are some examples of occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy isn’t exclusively for adults who struggle with daily tasks and performing a job, as the occupational title would suggest. Occupational therapists can treat patients of all ages, including infants and toddlers, school age children and adults of all ages, including elderly individuals. Starting with some patients from a young age who are at risk of developing, or are already showing signs of, developmental delays, occupational therapists are able to provide early intervention therapy for infants and toddlers. At the school-age, occupational therapists can work with kids in small groups or one-on-one in an educational setting to evaluate the student’s abilities, accommodate certain disabilities through modifications to classroom equipment and assist children with participation in school activities. Through adulthood, including elderly individuals, occupational therapists work with their patient’s unique situations and needs to allow them to live a functional life with as much independence as possible. They will work with their patient’s family on modifications and accommodations to support the individual at home in their day-to-day life, through the use of adaptive equipment, recommendations on alterations needed to the house such as ramps and identifying fall hazards or other factors that are detrimental to the patient’s sense of comfort and normalcy at home. Occupational therapists will also work with their patient’s employer and workplace on accommodations for the employee, whether it be their physical workspace or adjustments to their schedule or equipment to allow the employee the ability to perform the functions of their job.

What can I expect from occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is intended to allow individuals to go about their daily lives, completing tasks with as much ease as possible. This can be done through modifications to the individual’s living or workspace, education and training on the use of adaptive devices that allow the patient the ability to move or perform activities they would otherwise be unable to do and helping the patient with tasks that they are physically unable to perform. Occupational therapists are also experienced with working with the people around the affected individual to provide education and guidance on accommodations and care required to allow them to live as normal a life as possible within the parameters of their unique situation. They will provide recommendations to support their patient and will work with their patient on getting familiar with any new equipment required for improved mobility and function.

How is occupational therapy different from other health related professions?

While many types of therapy aim to improve an individual’s physical or mental well-being, occupational therapy is focused on transforming an individual’s environment to work with their capabilities and provide them adaptive devices or physical accommodations to perform their daily tasks with as much independence as possible. Occupational therapists work with patients who have physical or mental disabilities, whether as the result of a traumatic accident or injury, a genetic disorder or from some other cause. In many of these cases, physical therapy, surgery or other medical interventions can’t help or treat the patient and the patient has to learn how to live within their limitations or adapt their environment to one that is better suited to their limitations. That is where an occupational therapist comes in. An occupational therapist is trained to work with their patient’s unique needs and provide assistance, training and recommendations on accommodations that will allow the patient to live a functional life with as much independence as possible. This can include the introduction, training and use of adaptive devices such as braces, wheelchairs or eating aids, in-home assessments of the physical space where the individual lives to make it easier for them to move around their home and working with the patient’s employer on an adaptive work environment where the patient can perform the functions of their job.

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