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Occupational Therapy Clinic in Liberty, Flatbush, Midwood and Williamsburg Brooklyn NY Areas.

Expert Occupational Therapists at Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation help children with disabilities, providing support for older adults, and recovering from injuries is all capable through the Ahava Medical Center’s Occupational Therapy Department. Here, patients throughout Williamsburg, Flatbush, and throughout New York City can get the treatment they need to enjoy activities and be productive throughout their lives.

Occupational Therapy Specialist in Medical & Rehabilitation Center in Liberty & Brooklyn, NY
Occupational Therapy Specialist in Medical & Rehabilitation Center in Liberty & Brooklyn, NY

Occupational Therapy Q & A

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy uses “occupations” or activities to help patients perform required and meaningful tasks. Occupational therapists help patients of all ages participate in the activities which matter to them either for work or for every day enjoyment. Commonly employed occupational therapy uses include helping elderly adults experience positive cognitive and physical changes, helping patients to recover from an injury or surgical procedure, and helping children with disabilities learn to participate in normal activities and social situations. Services usually include:

  • Customized intervention to improve a person’s performance in daily activities
  • Personal evaluations to provide patient’s and family with attainable goals
  • Ongoing assessments to ensure progress is being made

Who Can Benefit from Occupational Therapy?

Patients who can benefit from occupational therapy include those who:

  • Have had a stroke
  • Are recovering from an injury or surgery
  • Have autism
  • Have a developmental disorder
  • Have depression or anxiety
  • Are older or a veteran

Is Occupational Therapy the Same Thing as Physical Therapy?

These may seem similar but they are not the same thing. An occupational therapist helps patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. They also help with a disability or illness which affects their ability to do those things which are important and meaningful to their life. These activities include dressing, eating, school activities, and working. While a physical therapist is trained to work with those who need help physically recovering from an injury or event. An occupational therapist will assist by making changes in areas which may interfere with an individual’s ability to do those tasks, including changing the environment, the task, or improving the skills needed for the task. Occupational therapists have also been trained to work with those who have a mental illness or emotional problems such as depression and extreme stress.

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