Pediatric Urgent Care in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Ahava Medical Center has experienced pediatricians, physicians, and medical team, who provide immediate, compassionate care for infants, kids, teens, and children of all ages in Brooklyn, NY. Walk in or call us to schedule an appointment.

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Near Me in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Near Me in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

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Is a Pediatric Urgent Care Staffed with a Pediatrician?
Does Insurance Cover Pediatric Urgent Care?
What Treatments Can an Urgent Care Near Williamsburg, Brooklyn Provide for Kids?

You watch your little one running, crawling, and jumping and basically taking a number of risks. While all of the activity is full of picture-worthy moments, it’s also full of opportunities for your child to sustain an injury. The frequent contact your child has with other people, especially with other children, is all time when your child may contract an illness. Ahava Medical Center, serving Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and the nearby region, treats mild to moderate injuries and illnesses in children of all ages, including everyone from newborns to those who are 21 years of age.

Is a Pediatric Urgent Care Staffed with a Pediatrician?

Ahava Medical employs a licensed pediatrician to examine, diagnose, and treat the urgent medical concerns in our younger patients. The health needs of children are different from those of adults. Therefore, we hire individuals for our pediatric department who have undergone training to address their needs correctly. Children require treatments that are safe for them and don’t cause any long-term side effects.

Firstly, a pediatrician must earn his or her undergraduate degree and then complete a graduate program to receive his or her medical degree. Then, a pediatrician completes a residency and possibly a fellowship alongside a pediatric practitioner. Finally, the physician may choose to take a test to become board certified in pediatric care.

Our staffing for our pediatric patients consists of individuals who enjoy working with kids. Additionally, these people know how to interact with children to make their experience with our facility as pleasant as possible.

Does Insurance Cover Pediatric Urgent Care?

Insurance covers pediatric urgent care for both treatments and diagnostics. You’re responsible for paying your co-pays and deductible based on your policy. You may have fees to pay for the appointment in addition to the diagnostics and treatment. We accept a variety of insurance types, including Medicaid, UnitedHeathcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, just to name a few. If we’re an out-of-network provider, your fees are a bit higher.

We also offer the option of self-pay for people who have insurance that doesn’t cover our services or who don’t have insurance at all. Our main priority is to provide children with the care they require while making it as easy for parents as possible. We realize finances often inhibit a family’s ability to get the care they need, and we don’t want children in our area going without medical attention.

What Treatments Can an Urgent Care Near Williamsburg, Brooklyn Provide for Kids?

We’re a clinic that addresses the pressing injuries and illnesses in children, teens, and young adults. These issues aren’t emergency or life-threatening problems like a major bleed, serious head trauma, spinal cord injury, or loss of consciousness.

Our pediatric department is qualified to diagnose and treat breaks and fractures where the bone isn’t exposed. We provide care for sprains, sprains, and other similar issues. Our pediatrician can address bug bites and bee stings if your child is experiencing a mild reaction. We can also provide treatment for mild burns, cuts, and other similar injuries.

We assist our younger patients who have infections, including strep throat, flu, cold, respiratory infection, gastroenteritis (stomach flu), or a urinary tract infection. We help relieve rashes and can also supply pediatric patients from relief of their allergies. Our clinic has the capability of supplying breathing treatments for children suffering from mild asthma attacks. We serve patients from Williamsburg Brooklyn NY, Flatbush Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, Manhattan New York NY and surrounding areas.

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