Physical Therapy in Liberty, Flatbush, & Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

When chronic conditions or injuries make it difficult to move on a daily basis, physical therapy can be extremely beneficial. At Ahava Medical Center, patients throughout Downtown Brooklyn, and New York City areas can visit our 3 locations in Liberty, Williamsburg and Flatbush, to receive physical therapy from the best medical professionals. Ahava Medical accepts major insurances including Medicare and Medicaid. Call (718) 213-4008 to schedule an appointment.

Physical Therapy Near Me Open Hours Liberty, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a type of treatment designed to help patients who have difficulty moving. This can be caused by an accident or injury, a chronic condition, or a post-surgical occurrence. The activities and exercises used can help a patient move better and can relieve pain and discomfort. It can also help to improve a patient’s physical function. The goal is to make it easier for a patient to complete necessary, every day tasks and activities.

What Types of Physical Therapy Are There?

There are a variety of options available for patients including:

  • Exercise- these are designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, and endurance and can include stretching, lifting weights, walking, and aerobics.
  • Manual therapy- massage, mobilization, and manipulation by a chiropractor are common manual therapy techniques and can help to increase range of motion and reduce pain.
  • Education about lifestyle changes- Instructing a patient on how to change certain activities or postures can help to reduce discomfort and prevent reinjury. This can include using devices such as crutches and making the home safer for a person with balance or strength issues.

What Can a Physical Therapist Do?

Physical therapists can help patients with injuries to reduce pain and maintain their normal range of motion. The physical therapy will also work to improve your flexibility and strength after the injury. Chronic conditions are helped by a physical therapist as well. The physical therapist will work with the patient to set up goals and work at them over time. This applies to condition such as a stroke or heart attack as well. These patients will often have to relearn how to accomplish tasks or build their strength back up after the incident. As a part of recovery for many different conditions a physical therapist will be a critical part of the team.

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