Physical Therapy in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Physical Therapy Specialist in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Ahava Medical and Rehab Centre offers Physical Therapy for sprains, strains, whiplash and more to patients in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas. Walk in or contact us to schedule an appointment.

Physical Therapy Specialist Near Me in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
Physical Therapy Specialist Near Me in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

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How Much Does It Cost to See a Physical Therapist?
How Do You Know if You Should Go to Physical Therapy?
How long do I need physical therapy?

If you sustain an injury or suffer from a chronic disease, you don’t have to suffer from the pain. Moreover, you don’t have to rely on pain medications just to make it through the day. At Ahava Medical Center, serving Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York and the surrounding area, we offer physical therapy to reduce your pain and optimize function.

How Much Does It Cost to See a Physical Therapist?

Generally, insurance, including Medicare, covers physical therapy if a practitioner deems therapy medically necessary. As per the regulations established by most insurance providers, the physical therapy program must be conducted under the supervision of a physical therapist. Therefore, the price you pay for each session is dependent upon your co-pay and deductibles. The fee may be higher if we aren’t an in-network provider.

Without insurance, you may pay anywhere between $120 to $350 per visit. This is the same if you have insurance that won’t cover our physical therapy. The fee includes the expertise and direction of our physical therapist, as well as the services, labs, imaging, and other testing.

How Do You Know if You Should Go to Physical Therapy?

For many patients with chronic pain, we can assist. We help relieve pain from both chronic and acute pain. Additionally, we advise patients who have limited mobility to visit our office. We provide treatments that work your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to increase their range of motion and enhance their function.

Generally, we help patients with musculoskeletal issues, either from an injury or chronic condition. We can assist individuals who sustain an injury from sports, work, auto accident, or another personal injury. Our practitioner can help with musculoskeletal injuries like the following:

– Sprains
– Strains
– Broken bones
– Whiplash
– Concussion
– Tendinitis
– Bursitis, and more

Our physical therapist reduces pain, promotes functionality, and may deter the progression of chronic conditions. For example, physical therapy may help patients with fibromyalgia. Another chronic issue physical therapy can help is arthritis, which may limit a person’s mobility and cause joint pain and inflammation.

Physical therapy is beneficial for patients with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and muscular dystrophy. Our practitioner is even able to assist in the recovery from traumatic injuries and events like spinal cord injuries and strokes.

We also help patients after they undergo surgery. It helps people regain function in the injured area.

How long do I need physical therapy?

This varies from patient to patient based on your illness or injury. Some patients receive all of the care they need within the first few weeks, while others may benefit from longer care for their chronic condition.

Typically, you’ll come to our office for six to eight weeks for a soft tissue injury. Some more severe issues may take longer. If you have whiplash, you may only have one week’s worth of appointments, while some patients benefit from several months of physical therapy. Individuals with chronic conditions may want to continue their therapy for much longer than a few months or even a year.

The number of appointments per week also vary from patient to patient. In general though, you can expect to have therapy either two or three appointments.

Keep in mind, every patient progresses at a different rate. All the care is specific to your needs, so your physical therapy schedule may change over time as your injury or ailment improves.

Call us for more info. We serve patients from Williamsburg Brooklyn NY, Flatbush Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, Manhattan New York NY and surrounding areas.

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