Testimonials and Reviews for Ahava Medical & Rehabilitation Center in Liberty & Brooklyn, NY

Medical & Rehabilitation Urgent Care Center located in Flatbush & Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

I have been a patient for the past 2 1/2 years I absolutely LOVE! my doctor (Dr.Liu) and the medical assistance at the front desk and also in the back. Very down to earth staff a lot of common sense When in for bloodwork on June 15, shout to Tabatha the phlebotomist that took my blood. I informed her that I have little tiny veins and I am a one-shot deal, you stick me once and that is it. “she said no problem I got you.” She got the vein in one stick with out fishing for a vein. Yes, sometimes the wait is long. But I also factor in the circumstances at hand. The day of the week,the time of day and whether I had a appointment or not. All contributing factors on how long I wait to see my doctor once I go in the back and the medical assistant take my pressure and ask the reason for my visit. I will go out to the store for a few minutes and come back. Which there are a few Street vendors, shopping stores and fast food restaurants in the area. And before you know it I’ll be called into see my doctor.

Kasara N. / 06/15/18

Dov and George are nice people!

Yasir A. / 05/29/17

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