Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY

Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY

Looking for Urgent Care in Brooklyn, NY? Ahava Medical and Rehab Centre offers Urgent Care services for allergies, injuries and more.  Simply walk in or call us to schedule an appointment. We are open 7 days a week.

Urgent care Brooklyn 11207
Urgent care Brooklyn 11207

People experience health concerns outside of the time of their physician’s hours. The hospitals are frequently overwhelming because of the number of other patients there. However, Ahava Medical, serving Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding region, gives people another option to address their immediate medical concerns.

How do I choose an urgent care?

A convenient location is often a top priority of individuals. They want somewhere close, so they don’t have to drive a long way. Another prevalent concern is cost. Even people who have insurance still have co-pays. Therefore, it’s important to have a location that’s cost-efficient. Ahava Medical offers affordable prices for visits and services, making it a smart decision for most individuals. The staff and environment are important as well. Fortunately, Ahava has a friendly, helpful staff and short wait times in a cleanly environment.

How long does it take to be seen by an urgent care?

For patients who don’t require a great amount of care, the entire visit may take under 30 minutes. Even for patients who require more extensive care, the entire visit is usually under an hour. Typically, our wait times aren’t very long.

How much does it cost to go to urgent care?

We offer our services at low costs, so we’re accessible to a majority of people. Typically, the expenses you have with us are much less than if you would have gone to the emergency room. We never charge surprise fees and are very upfront about how much your visit will cost. However, the price does vary from patient to patient, especially when you factor in insurance coverage. We should mention we provide discounts for our services if you have a coupon from our site.

How do I know if I should l go to urgent care?

If you have an injury that’s not life-threatening, you should visit urgent care. We deal with lacerations, scrapes, insect bites, bee stings, broken bones, strains, sprains, and burns. We also handle minor illnesses like if you have a sinus infection or the flu.

Is urgent care the same as the ER?

We can address many of the medical needs of patients who go to the ER. We, however, don’t have the equipment or other resources to address life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Patients should go to the ER if they’re experiencing chest pain, serious trouble breathing, are unconscious, or are having signs of a stroke.

Is a walk-in clinic considered urgent care?

We offer urgent care services but allow patients to visit our clinic without scheduling an appointment first. We do this for convenience purposes.

What can they do at urgent care?

At our urgent care clinic, we prescribe medications to treat infections. If it’s an issue we can’t treat, we provide you with comfort measures to reduce or eliminate your suffering. For those who are dehydrated, we can supply IV hydration. In terms of injury care, we may cast broken or fractured bones. We cleanse and bandage wounds and may even staple or stitch the area. We provide the appropriate treatment for burns. Additionally, we’re capable of addressing bee stings and bug bites if you’re not having a life-threatening reaction. Our staff is able to remove ticks completely to reduce your risk of complications. At our clinic, we have a laboratory and imaging equipment in order to give you an accurate diagnosis.

Schedule an appointment today with Ahava Medical, located in the Brooklyn, NY area, for all of your urgent medical needs. We’re available by calling (718) 336-9500, or you may just walk in.

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